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    • Cool Cuisine: What to Eat in a Heatwave

      Don't fire up the barbecue just because the sun is shining. Go for small plates, refreshing ingredients and anything containing chilli, all washed down with salted lemonade.

    • Meat With a Twist of Fruit - From Pomegranates to Peaches

      Our appetite for sweet and savoury has never been so adventurous, thanks to chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi leading the way with global flavours. Summer is the perfect time to contrast the zesty, sharpness of fruits with succulent meats.

    • Are Ready-To-Eat Boiled Eggs The Most Pointless Convenience Food Ever?

      Yowk, an egg which simply needs hot water poured over it before its ready to eat with your toast, has arrived. How on earth did it make it to market and are there any convenience supermarket foods that are really worth the money?

    • The Robot Cookbook: Can a Supercomputer Write Recipes?

      Watson, IBMs supercomputer, has written a cookbook. Do the unusual ingredient combinations work, or is plum pancetta cider really as disgusting as it sounds?

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