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    • Do You like Salad? You're a Fool

      Unless you live on an organic farm, chances are, the salad you eat comes from a supermarket, served in a plastic bag. No wonder so much of these nutrition-lite limp leaves end up in the bin.

    • No time for tea? How Britain became a nation of coffee drinkers

      Tea sales are down - instant coffee sales are up. But when did we start to favour a latte over a proper cuppa?Cut me and I bleed tea. Strong builder's, dash of milk, no sugar. So the news that tea sales are in hot water, ...

    • Who Wants to Eat in the World's Smallest Restaurant? Not Me

      Part of the joy of eating out is observing other people and being part of a happy crowd.On Friday in Waterloo, London, there will be an attempt to set a new record for the world's smallest restaurant. It will seat either two or four in ...

    • Adding Salt to Sweet Will Always be a Seller

      Concerns about hidden salt levels in biscuits are well founded, but conspicuous consumption in the form of salted caramels has won over fans from Nigella Lawson to Barack Obama.Haunted by fears of high blood pressure? Then put that biscuit down. A survey...

    • Tinned Food Can't Replace Fresh - But it can be Just as Good

      Almost all of us buy tinned food, but not all tins are equal (cannellini beans good, peas bad). What's on the acceptable side of convenience for you?Can we find ripe tomatoes in the dead of winter? In the words of that most irritating of builders, ...

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