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    • What Americans Really Eat - and Tweet

      A state-by-state analysis of the food-related words that Americans post on Twitter reveals some interesting trends about diet and health. Who knew that durian fruit was popular in Maine or flan on North Dakota?One of the most common criticisms of Twitter...

    • In-Flight Meals Take Off as Airlines Give More Thought to Food

      Tired of mystery meat or the vegetarian alternative to cake - rubbery melon? Well, from fish and chips to chia seeds with mango, airlines are overhauling their onboard catering. Soon you may be able to upgrade your food along with your seatMany things...

    • Would You Give Up Steak for Love?

      Chris Martin's announcement that he is no longer vegetarian since splitting with Gwyneth Paltrow suggests that he did. How about the rest of us?On Tuesday evening I found myself at Kensington Roof Gardens, attending an afterparty for Coldplay, who had...

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