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    • This List Of 'Best' Mumbai Restaurants Has Disappointed Twitter, Here's Why

      Mumbai residents were quite disappointed with a list of restaurant recommendations that surfaced online. Here's the story behind it!

    • Can Chocolate Help Tackle Climate Change? New Report Says Yes

      This by-product of chocolate production can help reduce carbon emissions and more. Here's how it works!

    • Amul Issues Clarification After Lassi Claimed To Be Contaminated With Fungus

      In a recent viral video, packets of Amul lassi were said to be contaminated with fungus. The dairy brand responded to the claims, calling them 'fake'.

    • Twitter User Wants To Get Over His Buttermilk Addiction, Blinkit Reacts

      A Twitter user revealed that he is addicted to buttermilk and wants to get over his addiction. The tweet got response from none other than Blinkit.

    • MasterChef Australia Judge Jock Zonfrillo Dies At 46

      Popular MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo passed away on Monday. Prominent names from the industry shared their tribute to him.

    • Should Restaurants Ban Smartphone Usage While Dining? Experts Weigh In

      Is using smartphones while dining out acceptable, or should it be banned? We asked experts and restaurateurs to weigh in on this recent social media controversy.

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