Tin-Can Ice-Cream Recipe for Kids

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Tin-Can Ice-Cream Recipe for Kids

A perfect summer recipe to make with kids aged five and over.

We used a stainless-steel storage tin and an old biscuit tin to make this. We also chose the hottest day of the year to test the recipe - and ran out of ice. We didn't stir the mix well enough, so when we split it, the second batch ended up with all the sugar. The girls - Mathilde, 9, and Georgia, 10 - were bored after five minutes of "churning", leaving muggins to kick two tins around the garden. Despite this, the result wasn't bad at all. "That's amazing," was Georgia's verdict. "It actually tastes of ice-cream."

Makes 500ml

250ml double cream
250ml single cream
4tbsp caster sugar
1tsp vanilla extract Ice cubes - lots
250g rock salt (other types won't work)
You also need: one empty can with a lid (to hold at least 2.5 litres) and two medium zip-lock bags

Pour the creams into a jug, add the sugar and vanilla, and stir well. Pour into a zip-lock bag, zip it shut, then put it inside the second bag (in case one tears in the churning).

Put a thick layer of ice in the base of the tin, sprinkle over a third of the salt and lay the cream bag on top. Pack ice around it and sprinkle over half the remaining salt. Fill to the top with ice, sprinkle on the rest of the salt and put on the lid (secure it with tape).

You need to move the can around for 25 minutes, to churn: roll it down a hill, along a footpath or kick it very gently. Take off the lid, carefully remove the bag, and ta-dah! Creamy ice-cream.

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An edited extract from The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn (Quadrille, £12.99).

Mathilde and Georgia make tin-can ice-cream. Photograph: Felix Clay



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