5 Classic Milk-Based Desi Dessert Recipes That Tug At Heartstrings

Jun 09, 2022 09:31 IST
Love desserts? Here are some of our favourite desi desserts that include milk as the major ingredient in the recipe. Take a look.
  • 5 Classic Milk-Based Desi Dessert Recipes That Tug At Heartstrings

    Milk is a superfood and we can't deny it at all. It is loaded with several healthy properties and aid our overall health. But what we love the most is its versatility. A super versatile ingredient, milk can be used to prepare a pool of dishes including delectable desserts. Considering this we bring you some timeless, classic dessert recipes where milk plays the major role. Here're 5 classic milk-based desi dessert recipes for you.
  • Kheer

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    Kheer is possibly the most popular dessert we can think of. In fact, in India, no festival seems complete without kheer. Rice cooked with milk, sugar and dry fruits - this creamy goodness instantly uplifts our mood.
  • Sewai

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    A variant of the classic rice kheer, sewai holds a special place in our hearts. Besides vermicelli (raw sewai), all we need is milk, sugar and dry fruits to prepare the dish.
  • Rabri

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    A popular recipe for every social gathering, rabdi is prepared by boiling and thickening milk. Besides, you need a few more ingredients to prepare this creamy goodness at home. You can have it as is or pair with kulfis and jalebis.
  • Milk Cake

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    Milk Cake is rich, buttery and so tasty that just a slice of it wouldn't be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Milk cake melts in your mouth and works as a great accompaniment with your hot cuppa in the evening.
  • Rasmalai

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    There's hardly anyone who doesn't like to dig in cool and comforting rasmalai. Freshly made chhena balls soaked in flavoured milk are all that we need to set our day right.
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