5 Tricolour Recipes To Spice Up Your Independence Day Celebration!

Aug 14, 2023 16:56 IST
When it comes to holidays, there's one thing that's as essential as the flag flying high - and that's indulging in some seriously delicious food! Whether it's a festive feast or a casual gathering, good food has the power to make any occasion feel extra special. And guess what? Our 77th Independence Day on August 15th is no exception! This year, let's paint our plates with the vibrant hues of our tricolour and make this national celebration a true gastronomic fiesta. We've got the scoop on some mouthwatering recipes that will not only tickle your taste buds but also fill your heart with patriotic pride.
  • Tricolour Pizza

    What's round, cheesy, and brimming with national pride? Tricolour Pizza, of course! As you gather with your loved ones to celebrate, whip up this scrumptious pizza adorned with vibrant carrots, zesty capsicum, and savoury black olives. This patriotic pie will have everyone saying, "One more slice, please!" Click here for recipe
  • Tricolour Salad

    Salads don't have to be boring, and this Tricolour Salad proves just that! Dive into a medley of flavours and textures with crisp carrots, refreshing green papaya, crunchy cucumber, zesty mint, and roasted peanuts. Drizzle on some honey, vinegar, or soy sauce for a dressing that ties it all together. This isn't just a salad; it's a masterpiece of culinary creativity. Click here for recipe
  • Tricolour Dhokla

    Dhokla lovers, this one's for you! Brace yourselves for a reinvented version of the classic Gujarati delight - Tricolour Dhokla. While the traditional dhokla relies on gram flour, our twist features semolina and curd. The result? A fluffy, spongy delight bursting with the hues of saffron, white, and green. It's a patriotic explosion on your plate! Click here for recipe
  • Tricolour Kiwi Motichoor Parfait

    No celebration is complete without a sweet treat to tantalize your taste buds. Enter the Tricolour Kiwi Motichoor Parfait - a dessert that's as delightful to look at as it is to devour. Begin with a base of luscious kiwi, layer on powdered sugar and creamy cheese, and top it off with motichoor boondi. It's a fusion of Indian and foreign flavours that'll leave you craving more. Click here for recipe
  • Tricolour Pasta

    Pizza isn't the only Italian delight joining the patriotic party. Introducing Tricolour Pasta - a dish that blends the best of Italy with a dash of desi flair. Toss al dente pasta with crunchy broccoli, sweet carrots, and zesty onions. And because no pasta dish is complete without it, sprinkle on a generous helping of cheese for a mouthwatering experience that's sure to impress. Click here for recipe
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