6 Mind-Blowing Butter Chicken Remixes You Need to Try ASAP

Nov 23, 2023 17:49 IST
The heartwarming flavours of butter chicken have secured a cherished spot in the culinary landscape of North India, resonating not only locally but across the globe. While the classic butter chicken recipe, slow-cooked with marinated chicken, tomatoes, spices, cream, and butter, remains an eternal favourite, a wave of innovation has brought forth delectable variations, such as butter chicken pasta and pizza, adding a contemporary twist to this traditional delight.
  • White Butter Chicken

    Elevating the butter chicken experience, the White Butter Chicken introduces a rich and creamy gravy crafted from cashews, onions, tomatoes, and aromatic whole spices. A sumptuous deviation from the traditional, this rendition promises to tantalize taste buds and offer a refreshing take on a beloved classic. Click here for recipe
  • No Butter Butter Chicken

    Catering to health-conscious enthusiasts, the No-Butter Butter Chicken emerges as a fitting choice. This rendition opts for almonds to achieve a creamy texture while cutting down on ghee and oil. A guilt-free alternative, it seamlessly blends health and indulgence, pleasing those with a discerning taste for balanced eating. Click here for recipe
  • Garlic Butter Chicken

    For garlic enthusiasts, the Garlic Butter Chicken presents an enticing option. Small chicken pieces, enveloped in a luscious dry gravy rich in butter and garlic, promise a unique and delightful experience. Perfect as a starter for any gathering, this rendition is sure to captivate the palates of garlic aficionados. Click here for recipe
  • One Pot Butter Chicken

    Typically, crafting the classic butter chicken demands time and patience. However, for those impromptu cravings, the One Pot Butter Chicken offers a convenient solution. This variation, prepared in just 30 minutes in a single pot, introduces a subtle twist while maintaining the rich essence of the original recipe. Click here for recipe
  • Green Butter Chicken

    Taking innovation, a step further, the Green Butter Chicken Gravy introduces a captivating twist by incorporating a green gravy infused with the richness of khoya, cashew nuts, aromatic spices, and a touch of honey. Crafted using spinach, this rendition stands out as a game-changer, promising to elevate your dinner parties with its vibrant and flavorful appeal. Click here for recipe
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