Weekend Indulgence: These Butter Chicken Snacks Will Leave You Drooling

Butter chicken is a dish that everyone one loves to have. Here we bring you some butter chicken snacks recipe to try.
  • Weekend Indulgence: These Butter Chicken Snacks Will Leave You Drooling

    Butter chicken is a well-known north Indian dish that always pleases our palates. Every non-vegetarian loves this mix of tender chicken pieces dipped in a thick, creamy tomato gravy. So, if you also love butter chicken as much as we do, how about making some butter chicken snacks?! Here we bring you some recipes to try.
  • Butter Chicken Sandwich

    Click here for recipe Using a delectable butter chicken spread, this sandwich I simply yummy! Similar to many other spreads, you can prepare this one ahead of time and spread it on warm bread whenever you want to indulge in a filling and juicy sandwich.
  • Butter Chicken Golgappa

    Click here for recipe Ever consider stuffing your favourite golgappas with butter chicken rather than also? This may sound strange, but the combination of the chicken's soft, moist texture and the golgappa's crispiness creates an unusual flavour that you should try!
  • Dry Butter Garlic Chicken

    Click here for recipe A dry sauce cooked with lots of butter and garlic is poured over bite-sized pieces of chicken. Prepare this as a nibble during your upcoming dinner gathering.
  • Butter Chicken Momos

    This recipe is perfect for you if you enjoy momos and butter chicken h. It's a traditional fusion dish that combines the greatest elements of both worlds. Momos are dipped in flavorful butter chicken sauce and are juicy.
  • Butter Chicken Tikka

    Click here for recipe This butter chicken tikka is another snack made with butter chicken you must try. Butter chicken gravy is dipped into chunks of masala chicken tikka. The best thing about this recipe is how simple it is to prepare!
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