Health Benefits Of Red Wine

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  • 12 Surprising Red Wine Benefits: Will a Glass of Vino a Day, Actually Keep The Doctor Away?

    Here are 12 surprising red wine benefits, from skincare to hair, controlling cholesterol to heart health - we've found you reasons to raise a toast with red wine.

  • Thumbs Down To Benefits Of Chocolate, Red Wine

    There is no proof to show that chocolate and red wine protect the heart, even though a study has suggested that they lower cardiac risk by 37 percent, say scientists.This was only a 'sign', however, ...

  • This Compound in Red Wine May Prevent Cancer

    A certain compound found in red wine, grapes and nuts is believed to have some miraculous properties. Resveratrol has got a lot of attention from health experts and scientists who have been studying the various ...

  • 5 Types of Wines and the Best Time to Enjoy Them

    Wine is a classy alcoholic drink which is now being recognised for its health benefits too. Some experts regard red wine as heart-friendly while others claim that white wine is full of powerful antioxidants.

  • Regular Exercise Maximizes Health Benefits of Wine

    A lot has been talked about the benefits of consuming wine.  Earlier studies have indicated that red and white wine increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol. Resveratrol, a type of antioxidant ...

  • A Little Wine and Chocolate for Good Memory!

    The benefits of dark chocolate and red wine have been celebrated for long. Various studies have claimed that little indulgence in red wine and dark chocolate won't be as bad as its is generally believed ...

  • Wine Bacteria May Have Probiotic Benefits

    Wine has long been under the scanner of health experts and researchers to test it for prospective benefits to human health. Many recent studies have claimed how moderate consumption of wine, especially red wine can ...

  • Glass of wine a day may keep the doctor away

    Moderate alcohol consumption can boost your immune system and potentially improve your ability to fight infections, a new study has claimed.A research team led by an immunologist at the University of California, Riverside found that ...