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  • World's First Cookbook for Lab-Grown Meat Full of Macabre Recipes

    Dutch-based scientists, chefs and artists launched the world's first cookbook for lab-grown meat - serving up a bizarre assortment of test-tube dishes including roast raptor leg, dodo nuggets and in-vitro oysters."The In Vitro Meat Cookbook" ...

  • Meatballs Made in a Lab: Ick or Slick?

    Scientists and businesses working full steam to produce lab-created meat claim it will be healthier than conventional meat and more environmentally friendly. But how much can they improve on old-school pork or beef?

  • Lab-Grown Meat Burger May Hit Stores in Five Years

    The Dutch team that crafted the world's first lab-grown meat burger, which cost 215,000 pounds to make, says a cheaper version of the product could hit the market in five years.

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