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  • What's the Actual Calorie Content of Nuts?

    Calculating the calorie content of tree nuts like walnuts and almonds based on methods developed over a century ago should be reviewed as they are "inaccurate", according to a top US government researcher.

  • Eat Nuts Daily to Lose Weight

    Nuts are packed with heart healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They make for a healthy, filling snack that can curb cravings, lower cholesterol and more.

  • Eating Nuts May Help Reduce Inflammation

    In a study of more than 5,000 people, researchers have found that greater nuts consumption is associated with lower levels of biomarkers of inflammation, a finding that may help explain the health benefits of nuts.

  • Why You Must Eat 60 Grams of Nuts a Day

    Tree nuts could be your secret to good health.