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Let Your Skin Smile This Winter

Mid-day, Mumbai, Modified: January 05, 2013 10:09 IST

Let Your Skin Smile This Winter Mumbai's fleeting winter is here. But it shouldn't be reason to hide your face due to dry skin. Give your skin a boost with ingredients from your kitchen. Beauty expert Dr Blossom Kochhar lists three packs that will aid different skin types, and help you look fresh through the season.

For acne-ridden skin

>> 1 tsp egg white
>> 2 pods of garlic
>> Few mint leaves
Grind the garlic pods and mint leaves and mix with egg whites. If your mixture is runny, add more mint leaves. A drop of lemon, tea tree or lavender oil will take away the smell of the egg.

For regular skin

>> 1 tbsp papaya
>> 1 tsp milk powder
>> 1/4 tsp honey
Skin tends to look dull during winter and papaya works great to brighten it up. Smash the papaya, and mix it with milk powder and honey. Add a squeeze of lime and apply the paste on face after cleaning it. Leave on for 15- 20 minutes.

For dry skin

>> 1/2 banana
>> 1 tsp fresh cream
>> 1 tsp honey
Smash the banana and mix all the ingredients. Apply after cleansing your face for 20 minutes. Make it a point to apply this pack on your neck too. It also works wonders for your hands.

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