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  • Natural Watermelon Toner

    Frozen cubes of watermelon juice, basil and camphor which acts as a toner. So the next time you come from outdoors just rub a frozen cube on your face and feel the freshness.

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  • Fabulous Natural Recipes

    Most people I come across have no idea about their skin type or what they should use on their skin and end up using potions and lotions recommended by their neighbors, friends, relatives, shopkeeper, etc. ...

  • Natural Beauty Recipes for the Festive Season

    Are you feeling stressed out than usual because of the festive running around and parties? Well how about taking out some time for yourself. Revitalize your skin, hair and look your best.I believe that stress ...

  • Fight Acne by Going Natural

    Go green to eliminate red spots from your face. Natural packs made of fruits, herbs can help in getting rid of acne.Chandrika Mahendra, senior research scientist, R&D, The Himalaya Drug Company, shares few home remedies ...

  • Use Fruits for a Flawless Face

    Fruits like mango and pomegranate can be very useful to clear scars and marks on your face and even to nourish your skin.Use them on your face once a week to get a natural glow. ...

  • 5 Great Home Remedies for Pimples and Problematic Skin

    Home remedies for pimples: Here are 5 natural ways with which may keep pimples at bay.

  • Fruit Cocktails for Great Winter Skin

    Most people run from pillar to post stocking up on moisturizers, nourishers and creams to beat that anti-dryness, anti-wrinkle, anti-everything winter feeling that everyone experiences. Most of us don't even realize that some of the ...

  • 4 Food Masks That Are Great For Your Hair

    Damaged locks, hair fall, dandruff and dry tresses are haircare problems that haunt most women. Seek help from the humble ingredients in your kitchen to make natural, homemade packs for those lovely locks. Makeover expert ...

  • Top Foods for Flawless Skin in 7 Days

    Our grandmothers certainly hit the nail by concocting natural home remedies that have no side-effects.

  • Drive Away Monsoon Skin Woes With Chocolate, Strawberry facials

    During the monsoon, women often complain of skin dryness and painful pimples and try to cure them by using beauty products. Experts, however, recommend fruit-based homemade remedies like strawberry, chocolate and buttermilk facials to resolve ...

  • Monsoon Hair Care: Home Remedies For Hair Fall

    We find that in the monsoon season, our hair has to deal with specific problems. Here are some simple solutions to combat the damage done during the rainy weather

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