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ABD's Semi Premium Whisky, 'Officer's Choice Blue'- Now in Delhi

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ABD's Semi Premium Whisky, 'Officer's Choice Blue'- Now in Delhi
Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd (ABD), India's third largest alco-bev company expanded the presence of its semi premium whisky brand 'Officer's Choice Blue' through its arrival in New Delhi. Officer's Choice Blue, an intricate blend of Scotch malts & select Indian grain spirits is targeted at consumers who are looking for an evolved whisky experience. The 100% grain blend is the secret behind the exquisite aroma and the rich taste of the brand. Within a year of its launch across various states in the country, Officer's Choice Blue is poised to cross well over a million cases.

Encouraged by Officers Choice Blue's success in this rapidly growing segment, Deepak Roy, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Allied Blenders & Distillers, said, "ABD is committed to continuously provide rewarding and fulfilling experiences to its consumers. Taking into account the aspirations and evolving tastes of our consumers, we are pleased to announce the launch of Officer's Choice Blue in the capital. Having shown exceptionally positive results in all the markets where we have launched the brand, we are sure Officer's Choice Blue will delight consumers in Delhi as well"

Mr. Deepak Roy, Exexcutive Vice Chairman & CEO and Mr. Ahmed Rahimtoola, Sr. VP Marketing unveiling Officers Choice Blue Whisky

ABD has evolved from being a single-brand company to one with a portfolio of admirable brands; Officer's Choice Whisky, Officer's Choice Blue Whisky, Class 21 Vodka, Wodka Gorbatschow, Jolly Roger Premium Rum, Lord & Master Brandy and Kyron Premium Brandy; targeting diverse consumer segments. Officer's Choice Blue is priced at Rs. 290 for a 750ml bottle, Rs. 145 for a 375ml bottle and Rs. 70 for a nip in Delhi.