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About Divya Burman

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About Divya Burman
Hi. I am by nature a complete foodie. Cooking, creation and the final outcome fascinate me. I can watch people cooking and baking for hours and time just flies by. There is no place in this world I have traveled where I have not taken a culinary class. I started this blog - Foodie By Nature, with just that in mind - the pure love for food. All my recipes are tried and tested for you to enjoy at your home.
I will be revealing each and every one of my precious gems, so you and your family have a smile on your face at the end of every meal. My blog helps me continue my passion which is cooking, cooking and more cooking.
I would love to help out on any kind of cooking questions. My specialty in food is Indian cuisine - as I am from India and my family has a weakness for Indian food. I have recipes that have been in my great grandmother's generation and have been carried on to mine as well. I also specialize in Thai cuisine, Italian cuisine, professional chocolate making, cakes and baking but I am still learning and learning. The road will never end as far as this culinary journey goes for me!

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