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At the Starbucks Launch in New Delhi

Seema Chandra , Food Editor, NDTV, Modified: February 12, 2013 11:03 IST

At the Starbucks Launch in New Delhi Store openings are by and large long and tedious affairs. I was prepared to give this one a shot since it was the launch of one of the world's biggest coffee chains and the location was neck to neck with places we have grown up visiting, like Wengers, in the heart of Connaught Place.

We stood outside for around 20 minutes, where the right people were asked to "say a few words" and in keeping with the global ethos of Starbucks, each of the employees were individually called on stage by name.

The new chairman of Tata sons, Cyrus Mistry, whom I suspect was as keen an attraction as the coffee, did the honours. The massive screen with the logo split into two and we were ushered into a place that looked like it was straight out of the meat packing district in New York. Grungy, stone facade walls, sepia tinted giant pictures, with a definite 'feel' to it, if you know what I mean.

We were offered sip sized cups of cold Frappuccino with a huge dollop of cream. Absolutely superlative Starbucks signature stuff. I was happy to see on the menu a range of decaf coffees, something most coffee chains in India don't believe in offering. The prices didn't look all that frightening, although the cappuccino could have been stronger, but then, it was the opening night. I guess, we'll have to wait and watch to see if the blends will convert the one-visit drinkers into regulars.

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