Eat Like You're at the Golden Globes - If You Can Cook Like a Gourmet Chef

 , The Washington Post  |  Updated: January 09, 2016 16:31 IST

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Eat Like You're at the Golden Globes - If You Can Cook Like a Gourmet Chef
As most of us lowly viewers sit on the couch with our popcorn and wine to watch this year's Golden Globes on Sunday, Hollywood's elite will be gorging on a gourmet menu - in between their liberally-poured libations, of course.

But if you're ambitious enough, you can re-create the their three-course meal.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel shared the recipes for the dishes to be served at the star-studded event. Created by Executive Chef Troy N. Thompson and Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Henzi, the extravagant affair starts off with a salad of charred, slow-cooked and ginger-seasoned vegetables before moving to the surf-and-turf themed main course. Unless you're a vegetarian, in which case you'll be served a sweet potato dish with a "fricassee" of vegetables.

For dessert, there will be a trio of delicacies: chocolate mousse cake, lemon mousseline and California almond cake.

If you do attempt to follow the award-winning chefs' recipes, fair warning: other than a large heaping of skill, you will also need approximately eight stove top burners, four oven racks, open flames, croaquatine discs, small spherical molds and endless pots and pans. And that's only to serve one, not the 1,300 they're expected to be serving come Sunday.

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