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Gram flour

Gram flourHindi Name: Besan

Made from a grounded mixture of chickpeas, chickpea or gram flour is a chief condiment in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. The flour is powdery yellow and has an earthy flavor adding savour to various dishes. Chickpea flour makes a tasty and crispy coating for deep-fried vegetable pakoras. The variety of chickpea flour depends on the kind of chickpea used to ground. One can use either raw or roasted chickpeas.

Roasted chickpea flour is more characterized; while raw flour has a slightly bitter taste. Also known as besan, it is used in gravies, batters, etc. When made into a paste with water or yogurt, it is used popularly as a face cleanser in the Indian subcontinent. Also it is commonly used as a replacement for egg in vegetarian cooking.

Chila, a very popular fast food and snack is made from gram flour batter. Gram flour contains high quantity of carbohydrate and no gluten. However, compared to other flours, gram flour is high in protein content. It is also quite popular in Italian and French cuisines.

Nutritional Value

1. It reduces bad cholesterol level in the blood.
2. It minimizes the risk of colon cancer.
3. It is an essential source of Folic acid, that helps in the production red blood cells.

Did you know?

Chickpea flour can keep our brain younger. This is due to the presence of Folic acid.
Besan hair pack nourishes hair making it healthy and shiny.

Recipes using Gram flour

  • Recipe of Rajma Kebab

    Rajma Kebab

    A mix of kidney beans and warm spices, wrapped up in gram flour and deep fried to gorgeous brown. Serve these exquisite rajma kebabs to win over your love ones.
    Recipe Ingredients: indian snacks,
  • Recipe of Pithaud Cake With Chaunke Matar and Apple Chutney

    Pithaud Cake With Chaunke Matar and Apple Chutney

    Cook up some steaming peas curry teamed up with beautiful fried cakes made of yogurt, gram flour and aromatic spices. Seal the deal with peppy apple chutney.
    Recipe Ingredients: brunch,
  • Recipe of Kabargah (Fried Meat Ribs)

    Kabargah (Fried Meat Ribs)

    Mutton ribs are cooked in milk and whole spices, wrapped in gram flour batter and finally fried golden.
    Recipe Ingredients: meat,
  • Recipe of Fafda


    Fafda is a popular Gujarati snack made with gram flour, turmeric and carom seeds. It is fried crisp and served with chutney.
    Recipe Ingredients: snacks,
  • Recipe of Dahi Shorba

    Dahi Shorba

    A soothing Indian-style soup made with yogurt, gram flour, chillies and spices.
    Recipe Ingredients: summer,
  • Recipe of Machhi Amritsari

    Machhi Amritsari

    Fish fillets coated with a batter made of gram flour, yoghurt, eggs, lemon juice and deep fried till golden.
    Recipe Ingredients: fish,
  • Recipe of Kothimbir Vade

    Kothimbir Vade

    A popular tea time snack from Maharashtra made from gram flour, onions, turmeric, garlic and chilli ginger paste.
    Recipe Ingredients: maharashtra,
  • Recipe of Mango Curry

    Mango Curry

    A lovely Indian curry made with yogurt, mango, gram flour, and jaggery.
    Recipe Ingredients: indian food,
  • Recipe of Paneer Pakodas

    Paneer Pakodas

    Paneer pieces dipped in gram flour, masalas and fried perfect. A perfect tea-time snack to munch on!
    Recipe Ingredients: teatime,
  • Recipe of Mohanthal


    Mohanthal is an Indian dessert prepared in many auspicious occasions especially during Diwali. It is popular in Gujarat. Gram flour, khoya, milk and nuts mixed togethar to form square barfis.
    Recipe Ingredients: indian desserts,
  • Recipe of Bread Pakodas

    Bread Pakodas

    Bread pakora is a famous street food of Northern India. It is tasty appetizer and good tiffin box option. Bread wrapped in a gram flour batter and fried.
    Recipe Ingredients: kids,
  • Recipe of Chickpea Fritters

    Chickpea Fritters

    Thick and smooth pancakes made with gram flour and layered with a veggie-chickpea mixture.
    Recipe Ingredients: brunch,
  • Recipe of Besan Prasad

    Besan Prasad

    27 years, living in North India I thought I had eaten, tasted and smelled all versions of dishes made with gram flour (besan). But I came across a not-so-common yet delightful Besan Prasad, the recipe of which I share with you.The texture that we aim...
    Recipe Ingredients: besan,
  • Recipe of Baby Corn Pakodas

    Baby Corn Pakodas

    Baby corns coated in a masala paste then dipped in a gram flour batter and deep fried till golden. A perfect snack to tuck in on a rainy day.
    Recipe Ingredients: pakodas,
  • Recipe of Besan ke Ladoo

    Besan ke Ladoo

    Gram flour or besan roasted with ghee in a kadhai, flavored with sugar and cardamom and shaped into tight round balls. Decorated with almonds and pistachios. Besan ka ladoo is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times.
    Recipe Ingredients: indian desserts,
  • Recipe of Patra


    A thick gram flour and tamarind batter spread on arbi leaves, rolled, steamed and cut into small rounds to make an appetizing snack. Tempered with sesame seeds and coconut.
    Recipe Ingredients: patra,
  • Recipe of Onion Pakodas

    Onion Pakodas

    Thinly sliced onions coated in a gram flour batter and deep fried.
    Recipe Ingredients: onions,
  • Recipe of Chicken Pakoda

    Chicken Pakoda

    Chicken cubes dipped in a flavour-rich batter of gram flour, mango powder, anardana and masalas, fried crisp.
    Recipe Ingredients: chicken,
  • Recipe of Paneer Skewers

    Paneer Skewers

    Cottage cheese is gently rubbed with gram flour and yellow chilli powder before it is pan-grilled.
    Recipe Ingredients: skewers,
  • Recipe of Besan Ki Barfi

    Besan Ki Barfi

    Make this favorite sweet at home with three simple ingredients gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar syrup.
    Recipe Ingredients: barfi,
  • Recipe of Moti Roti

    Moti Roti

    A roti with a distinctive style, made from wheat and gram flour, cooked over a direct flame.
    Recipe Ingredients: atta,
  • Recipe of Gujarati Kadhi

    Gujarati Kadhi

    A yogurt and gram flour based recipe, Gujarati Kadhi never fails to impress.
    Recipe Ingredients: dal,
  • Recipe of Gatte Rasedaar

    Gatte Rasedaar

    Gatte ki sabzi is a very popular Rajasthani curry. Golden fried gattas made with gram flour, cooked in thick gravy.
    Recipe Ingredients: besan,
  • Recipe of Besani Mirch

    Besani Mirch

    Chillies filled with gram flour mixture, fried crisp. Munch on these with a hot cup of tea.
    Recipe Ingredients: besan,
  • Recipe of Babru


    Black gram dal stuffed in flour, rolled out and deep fried.
    Recipe Ingredients: dal,
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