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JackfruitHindi Name: Kathal

Jackfruit is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The fruit has a spiky green covering with white flesh inside. It is considered to be the largest tree borne fruit. The seeds of the furit are taken from the ripe fruit and then dried for use in either in curries or as part of roasted snacks. The seeds of jackfruit which are big oval shaped and have a milky taste are often prepared by themselves.

The fruit is known for its distinct sweet and fruit aroma. The flesh is starchy and fibrous.Jackfruit seeds taste like chestnuts and may even be preserved in syrup likewise. The roasted seed is also grounded to make a flour blend with wheat for baking.

It is mostly used in South and South East Asian cuisines. It is eaten cooked. They turn brown and rancid very quickly. They should be refrigerated.

Fruity goodness!

It contains calories but no cholesterol and saturated fats. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is known to provide instant enegry. Even the seeds of this fruit have a lot of benefits. They help prevent constipation, treat nervousness, help prevent obesity and lowers blood pressure. It is also an anti-oxidant.

Did you know?

There can be any number between 100-500 seeds in a single fruit.
The most savory part of the fruit is the fleshy part of the seeds.

Recipes using Jackfruit

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