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Keema Also called as minced meat, it is simply meat that has passed through a mincing machine to obtain smaller and finer meat pieces. This meat is popularly used in a wide variety of like burgers, pie fillings and pasta sauces. The most commonly grounded meat is beef, though meat of pork, lamb and poultry is also minced.

In South Asia, lamb and goat meat is minced to make Keema, a traditional meat dish. It is also made from almost any meat, cooked by frying or stewing. Keema is often used as a filling for samosas and naans.

These days veg keema is also available in restaurants made with onion, tomato, peas and ginger. The final taste of keema differs depending on the way it is prepared. Some people usually make a mixture of minced vegetable or soya mince with onion, tomato, peas without meat and call it veg keema. But typically, Keema is minced mutton curry that can be made with almost any meat .It can be either stewed or fried. It is either consumed as it is or used as a stuffing. It is very easy to make as it can be made in one pan and takes very less time.

Nutritional Value

A cup of keema provides 26 percent of daily value of calories and also has dietary fiber that helps lower cholesterol. But it does contain saturated fats that might raise the levels of LDL cholesterol. It also contains sodium. Since a high sodium diet contributes to high blood pressure, consumption of only small amount of keema is advised. Keema is also a source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, that is good for vision and potassium that helps regulate blood pressure. Since, there are many ways of preparing keema, its consumption must be altered accordingly.

Recipes using Keema

  • Recipe of Soya Murtabak With Tomato-Lemon Sauce

    Soya Murtabak With Tomato-Lemon Sauce

    Chef Ajay Chopra gives the traditional murtabak recipe a vegetarian makeover. Murtabak originated in Yemen and Saudi Arabia and traveled all across the globe to embrace variations in its preparation. It is essentially a pancake stuffed with originall...
  • Recipe of  Potato Chops with Keema

    Potato Chops with Keema

    A mix of potatoes and mutton keema, wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried crisp. A simple supper!
  • Recipe of Keema Methi

    Keema Methi

    Keema methi is a traditional dish of Andhra Pradesh.This is a minced lamb dish flavored with fenugreek leaves.
  • Recipe of Chicken Stuffed Peppers

    Chicken Stuffed Peppers

    Bell peppers stuffed with a tangy chicken keema mixture. Topped with cheese and microwaved. Don't have a microwave? Not to worry, use a pressure cooker.
  • Recipe of Amritsari Magaz Masala

    Amritsari Magaz Masala

    A delicious lamb brain curry made with freshly roasted garam masalas and a rich and luscious gravy with melon seeds.
  • Recipe of Gurda Kaleji keema

    Gurda Kaleji keema

    A nice and spicy curry made with lamb kidneys, liver and mince. Spiced with a freshly roasted garam masala and a tomato rich gravy.
  • Recipe of Keema Biryani

    Keema Biryani

    Aromatic biryani made from minced lamb meat (keema), dry fruits, rose water and a wide variety of masalas.
  • Recipe of Dhabhe da Keema

    Dhabhe da Keema

    Aditya Bal brings you the authentic flavours of the Indian highway food. Here you have minced mutton, cooked in Indian spices with capsicum, tomato, sugar, lemon juice and milk. A dish that is unusually original!
  • Recipe of Keema ke Kofte

    Keema ke Kofte

    This recipe is a complete crowd pleaser. Minced meat balls bathed in an appetizing masala base.
  • Recipe of Parsi Sali Keema

    Parsi Sali Keema

    A Parsi style lamb mince, served with sali or aloo lachchas (grated deep fried potatoes).
  • Recipe of Hari Mirch Keema

    Hari Mirch Keema

    Chicken mince cooked with green chillies, garlic, ginger, onions and yogurt. Served inside a papad case lined with butter.
  • Recipe of Juicy Lamb Burger

    Juicy Lamb Burger

    Soft juicy keema patty, fried golden and served in between a burger with lettuce and tomatoes.
  • Recipe of Guilt Free Chilli

    Guilt Free Chilli

    Fiery chilli made from spices, carrots, kidney beans and tomatoes. Goes perfect with multigrain bread or tortilla chips.
  • Recipe of Tawa Tadka Keema

    Tawa Tadka Keema

    An uncomplicated recipe of chicken mince cooked with ginger-garlic, onions, tomatoes and spices.
  • Recipe of Soya Bean Aur Bathuey Ka Saag with Poori

    Soya Bean Aur Bathuey Ka Saag with Poori

    Soya bean keema and sauteed bathuva come together with spices and yogurt for a delectable saag.
  • Recipe of Keema Kaleji Ki Tikki and Khubani Ki Chutney

    Keema Kaleji Ki Tikki and Khubani Ki Chutney

    Tikki bursting with flavours, made with lamb mince and liver, served with apricot chutney.
  • Recipe of Dum Ke Laoz With Adrak Chutney

    Dum Ke Laoz With Adrak Chutney

    Layers of mutton mince and egg baked golden and served with chutney.
  • Recipe of Dum Murgh Keema Baingan

    Dum Murgh Keema Baingan

    Diced eggplant and chicken mince cooked with assorted masalas, mixed pickle and tamarind paste.
  • Recipe of Peshawari Chappali Kebab

    Peshawari Chappali Kebab

    Minced lamb kebabs made from herbs, spices, eggs, pomegranate seeds and ginger. Served with an apricot-jaggery-raisin sauce.
  • Recipe of Seekh Kebab with Seb Pyaaz ki Chaat

    Seekh Kebab with Seb Pyaaz ki Chaat

    Skewered minced lamb kebab with spices cooked on a sigri, served with apple-onion chaat and chutney.
  • Recipe of Fesenjoon


    Soft meatballs stirred in with tomato, lime and peeled lychees.
  • Recipe of Chicken Mousse

    Chicken Mousse

    Perfect for summer, as a main dish or starter, minced chicken in white sauce, cream and spiced butter, chilled overnight.
  • Recipe of Moussaka


    Greek ambassador John Ecocnomides's wife shares the recipe of Moussaka. Layers of minced meat and eggplant topped with bechamel sauce and then baked.
  • Recipe of Kashmiri Koftas

    Kashmiri Koftas

    Soft kofta pieces made out of minced mutton and masalas, cooked in a curry robust with flavors of cardamoms, garam masala, curd and ginger-garlic paste.
  • Recipe of Kerala Meatball Curry

    Kerala Meatball Curry

    Minced meat balls simmered in a coconut-tamarind gravy and tempered with mustard seeds and chillies.
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