Chef Vicky Adds A Blast Of Flavours To The Traditional Thali

Published On: January 14, 2017 | Duration: 22 min, 44 sec


First up on the menu, chef Vicky Ratnani creates the famous Gujarati Handvo with a first of its kind combination of mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Second on the menu is a Rajasthani speciality that we all love - besan ke gatte with a twist, made out of blanched spinach and cooked in carrot sauce. Saving the best for the last, chef Vicky Ratnani concludes his traditional food journey with a dish that he has grown up eating - Sindhi Kadhi with Kale served with garma-garam Ghee Chawal.

We hope you cook and enjoy these dishes with the same amount of love as chef Vicky does!