Vicky Goes Desi: Punjabi Khaana With A Twist

Published On: December 21, 2016 | Duration: 22 min, 59 sec


There are no second thoughts about Punjabi Khaana being everyone’s absolute favourite. Catch chef Vicky Ratnani as he prepares Kalonji Chutney with yellow and red tomatoes, served with Masala Poached ChickenTikka, he then takes traditional Chana Masala a notch higher by adding Kale to it, and leaving the best for last, watch out for two very out-of-the-box smoothies - imagine Lassi with avocados and oats as a drink.

Tune in to another lip smacking episode of Vicky Goes Desi, enjoy a different take on Punjabi Khaana and, bring in some innovation into your kitchens!