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    • Alys Fowler: Edible Pond Plants for the Tiniest Puddle

      Arrowheads seem to thrive in the somewhat boggy conditions. Another edible plant worth trying is water spinach.

    • Alys Fowler: Chillies

      The more mean you are to chilli plants, the hotter the fruit seems to get'

    • Gardens: Why We Need to Protect Kazakhstan's Wild Apples

      The wild apples of Kazakhstan are one of the world's great food sources. Saving them is vital to the future of the fruitApples tumble all over the earth, and I slide with them into a huge old tree, a gentle shower of new fruit fall. ...

    • Alys Fowler: Herbs for Free

      'Perennial herbs such as rosemary, sage, lavender and thymes can live for a long time, but grow leggy and flop with age'There's a front garden on the way to my allotment filled with nothing but rosemary. On hot days it fills the street with its ...

    • Alys Fowler: Grow your onions

      'I like onions a lot. Nearly all my favourite dishes start with chopping them, then sweating them in fat'There is an argument that it is silly to grow onions because they are cheap, readily available and take up too much space. You'd be better off ...

    • Alys Fowler: Broad Beans and Peas

      'I'm sure I plant autumn peas and broad beans to satisfy my yearning for green growth in winter'Although I love the end result, I'm sure I plant autumn peas and broad beans to satisfy my yearning for green growth in winter; their tiny shoots symbolise...

    • Alys Fowler: Horseradish

      Fresh horseradish, unlike the preserved stuff, has the devil inside it.If you've ever grated fresh horseradish you'll know it has the devil inside it. The roots contain a compound that when broken down releases wild, volatile mustard oils that will have...

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