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  • Masala Kachori

    This famous Indian snack in the shape of small, round balls has a pastry like hard outer covering and is stuffed with a spicy filling. It is deep fried in oil that gives it a ...

  • Scrambled Eggs with Chicken Sausages

    Smack your lips over simple and easy to prepare scrambled eggs tossed in mild spices with chicken sausages.

  • Raw Banana and Coconut Kachori

    A crisp outer casing made with raw bananas stuffed with sesame seeds, coconut and groundnuts, fried golden. These raw banana kachoris go well with yogurt dip.

  • Handi Komdi

    Aditya Bal heads to Dahanu, Thanu district, Maharashtra where he learns how to make a a delicious chicken recipe made in a clay pot over an open fire.

  • Baked Kachori

    Enjoy street food, the guilt free way. The otherwise deep fried goodies have taken a healthy turn.

  • Gooey Chocolate Pudding

    A yummy gooey chocolate pudding with a crisp and crunchy top. Serve with whipped cream, ice cream or some hot chocolate sauce.

  • Surprise Dumplings

    Dumplings made with cottage cheese, flour and semolina. Stuff them with delicious fillings of your choice and indulge! They are steamed and healthy too.

  • White Butter

    Try your hand at making unsalted white butter (Safeed makhan) at home.

  • Sweet Kachoris

    A classic Indian tea time snack, only this time its sweet. Kachoris stuffed with khoya and dry fruits, this recipe is absolutely irresistible.

  • Raj Kachori

    The classic street food treat that makes you water your mouth. Raj kachori basket filled with papri, bhallas, yogurt, chickpeas and much more. Garnished with some pomegranate seeds.

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