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    • Jay Z and Beyonce Want to Put You in a Vegan State of Mind

      Beyonce and Jay Z obviously have a few things going on already, so why this foray into the often-lampooned world of the celebrity lifestyle guru and veganism?

    • New Hair-Loss Treatments for Women

      This stem cell therapy needs only a dime-size donor spot on the scalp: 50 to 100 hairs, as opposed to the bloody, painful 4- to 5-inch strips for a hair transplant.

    • Food Babe: An Appetite for Controversy?

      Its tough to argue with a crusade to help Americans eat better and to win more transparency from food companies, but Hari, with no training as a food scientist, nutritionist or chef, has managed to become a flash point.

    • The Cult of the Bulletproof Coffee Diet

      When Jimmy Fallon handed the actress Shailene Woodley a mug of coffee blended with butter on "The Tonight Show" in October, she didn't recoil. Instead she raved to the audience about the cup of saturated fat:"It will change your life!""It's the most delicious...

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