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  • Why Is It So Difficult to Quit Caffeine? Understanding Caffeine Withdrawal

    Usually people experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms within a day of stopping or reducing their caffeine intake.

  • 6 Ways to Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

    If you've been thinking of ditching caffeine or cutting back on your daily intake, here's all the help that you need. Keep these six tips handy and you'll be able to see great results.

  • Myths About Caffeine

    The most common sources of caffeine are coffee, tea leaves and coca beans. The caffeine content  can range from as much as 160 milligrams in some energy drinks to as little as 4 milligrams in ...

  • Are You a Coffee Addict? Check for Caffeine Use Disorder

    If you can't live without your cup of coffee early morning or that tea to prevent the after-lunch slump, you may be suffering from caffeine use disorder. Researchers at American University in Washington, DC, indicate ...

  • A Matter of Concern: Caffeine Consumption Common in Kids

    Nearly 3 out of 4 U.S. children and young adults consume at least some caffeine, mostly from soda, tea and coffee. The rate didn't budge much over a decade, although soda use declined and energy ...

  • 7 Natural Alternatives To Coffee To Help You Stay Wide Awake!

    You may agree, we all need our caffeine fix from time to time. And what better way than a hot cup of strong coffee to kick-start the day. Coffee consumption instantly boosts your energy and ...

  • Caffeine Tied to Low Birth Weight Babies

    Caffeine, the primary constituent of coffee has been found to be associated with low birth weight babies and may also prolong pregnancy, says a Swedish study.A research team from the Norwegian Institute for Public Health, ...

  • Caffeine Energy Drinks Can Affect Heart, Warn Scientists

    Energy drinks packed with caffeine can change the way the heart beats, say scientists, advising children and people with some health conditions to avoid the drinks.The team, from the University of Bonn, imaged the hearts ...

  • Caffeine boosts memory: Study

    A jolt of caffeine can boost memory, according to a study published Sunday that provides a scientific motive for students slurping coffee, tea or energy drinks when cramming for exams.A team at Johns Hopkins University ...

  • FSSAI to Review Caffeine Standards in Beverages

    The Food and Safety Standards Association of India (FSSAI) will review the intake of caffeine and other ingredients in these drinks after conducting a detailed study.