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    • New Anti-Malarial Treatment Provides Hope in Battle Against Drug Resistance

      Trials show new drug could kill parasite and prevent the spread of malaria, which kills over half a million a year, and would cost around $1 per treatment.

    • The Naked Chef? Chimpanzees Can 'Cook' and Prefer Cooked Food

      Findings suggest chimpanzees have the intellectual abilities required for cooking, which could have an impact on our view of human evolution.

    • Bald Truth: Plucking Hair Out Can Stimulate Growth

      Although it seems counter-intuitive, tests indicate that plucked follicles communicate, causing an immune response that leads to regrowth.

    • Crossing Your Fingers Might Reduce Pain, Says Study

      UCL scientists find that crossing the fingers can confuse the way the brain processes sensations - reducing pain in some cases

    • Antibiotic Used in Pregnancy Linked to Risk of Epilepsy

      Children of mothers prescribed macrolide antibiotics may be more likely to be affected by the conditions.

    • Damage to Skin Cells Continues After Sun Exposure: Study

      Moving immediately into the shade does not stop sun damage as UV rays can continue damaging skin cells hours after exposure.

    • Scientists Now Know Why Popcorns Pop

      Study unravels physics of kernel water contained in the shell rapidly escapes as steam under heat, making the corn pop.

    • 'Smart' Insulin May Ease Burden of Type 1 Diabetes Patients

      New compound, known as Ins-PBA-F, automatically activates when blood sugar levels soar, and remains in circulation for up to 24 hours.

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