Holi 2019: Tips To Celebrate Toxin-Free Organic Holi - How To Make Skincare Scrubs And Natural Holi Colours

Suparna Trikha  |  Updated: March 21, 2019 10:36 IST

Holi 2019: Tips To Celebrate Toxin-Free Organic Holi - How To Make Skincare Scrubs And Natural Holi Colours
  • Toxin-free gulals are the best option to avoid damaging your kids' skin
  • Use old pure coconut oil to prevent hair damage after Holi celebration
  • Prepare organic, toxin-free gulal at home with this easy recipe

Years ago when I had just started my natural pampering centre in New Delhi, I was saddened about and tired of treating damaged skin of my clients post-Holi due to the use of dangerous chemical colours. It was in 1996 that we started making safe floral gulal from natural ingredients. Since then my clients have found a reason to celebrate Holi without worrying about their skin. I'm sure this vibrant festival of colour and flowers is something that you should be enjoying too. So here are a few simple and easy tips on how to prepare natural colours for Holi and protect your skin and hair from chemical colours.

Firstly I'd like to stress on the fact that you need to opt for safe colours during Holi. Chemical-free gulals would be the best option to avoid damaging your skin. It is important for you to realise this and also try to propagate a safe Holi, especially among kids at home who may be especially affected from use of toxic chemical colours. Such colours may not only damage their tender skin, but may also enter their eyes and cause irritation.


Holi 2019: Chemical-free gulals would be the best option to avoid damaging your kids' skin.


Here are some tips to help you celebrate Holi 2019 the natural way:

1. There are toxin-free gulals available in the market and for those of you who enjoy playing a wet Holi, why not celebrate a traditional Holi this year with tesu flowers? These flowers can be soaked overnight in water and made into a paste. They give the most beautiful saffron colour.

2. Now, for the preventives or maybe you would like to call them your safety guards - Apply copious amounts of oil not only to your skin but also to your hair so that colour does not penetrate into the skin and scalp pores. I recommend either olive oil or a seed and sandalwood oil as these create a natural sunscreen against harsh weather and the harmful colours. You may even use the good old pure coconut oil to prevent the hair from getting too dry after the celebrations are done.

3. Very often the nails get coloured and look terrible for days after Holi. The best way to prevent this from happening is to apply a petroleum jelly on your nails before playing Holi. If you can, keep your nails short. You can also use a nail paint that will protect the nails.

4. It is always advisable to make a cleansing body scrub and keep it in the bathroom for use after Holi celebrations. It is almost impossible to do so when you are covered and dripping with colour. 

Here's a fabulous exfoliating natural body scrub:

  • 1 tablespoon oatmeal, 3 tablespoons sandalwood powder, 2 tablespoons rice powder, 50 gms powdered almonds, 20 gms powdered Fuller's Earth (multani mitti). Mix all these things with a pinch of powdered camphor, milk, lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of almond oil. You can soak all these things in a bowl and leave them in your bathroom.
  • Scrub this mixture all over the body especially the areas of your skin which are covered with colour and see the Holi shades fading away while leaving your skin super soft and smooth. Avoid using soap immediately and also avoid bathing with extremely hot water.

5. If your skin is extra sensitive, you can make some sandalwood paste mixed with a few drops of almond oil and rose water and smear this all over the fact. This is excellent for rashes caused due to use of strong chemical colours.

6. Many times the hair becomes very rough and you can treat it naturally with the easiest natural conditioner- mayonnaise. This will soften it and also help take out the colour. Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo later.

7. Keep a bowl of iced-rose water in the fridge for emergency as many times the colour enters your eyes. Dip cotton wool pads into rose water and use them to wipe away the colour. This is not only very soothing but it also helps drain away particles of colour inside the eye.


Holi 2019: Use old pure coconut oil to prevent the hair from getting too dry after Holi celebrations.

In case you would like to make your gulal at home, here's a safe and natural Holi colour recipe that you can use.


  • 200 gms arrowroot powder or maida
  • 200 gms marigolds
  • 50 gms turmeric
  • A few drops of yellow confectionery colour
  • 2 tsp sandalwood powder
  • 8-10 drops of sandalwood oil


Hand mix all the powdered ingredients very gently making sure to blend them well together. Then add all the oils and yellow colour into the powdered ingredients and voila! Your natural Holi colour is ready.

I believe if you love someone show it by using safe non-toxic gulal colour this Holi.

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Happy Holi 2019!


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