Season's Best: 4 Unique Ways Of Eating Pears This Season

One of the best ways of using fruits to our benefit is to eat them while they are in season. Here are some interesting ways of eating pears this season!

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Season's Best: 4 Unique Ways Of Eating Pears This Season

Pears are in season right now and they can be used to make your meals fancy

  • Pears are low in calories and moderately rich in fibre
  • Pears are naturally sweet and hence can be used in desserts
  • Use pears to gourmet your meals up this season

One of the best ways of using fruits to our benefit is to eat them while they are in season. Traditional wisdom dictates that seasonal fruits are loaded with nutrients and are hence, at their healthiest best. Pear is one fruit that is in season right now. The fibrous fruit is available late in the summer season or towards the end of the summer season. Raw pears are made up of 84 percent of water. The naturally sweet fruit is, however, quite low in calories with a 100 gram portion delivering just 57 calories, as per data by the United States Department of Agriculture. The same portion also contains moderate levels of dietary fibre, which is responsible for keeping hunger pangs at bay, as well as host of important nutrients like vitamins K and C.

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Here are four interesting ways of eating pears this season:

1. Pear Salads

Add sweet and ripened pears to your salad bowl to bring in fruity freshness to the taste. You can dice ripe pears with or without skin and toss it with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing, along with fresh salad leaves like rocket leaves etc. You can either use raw or poached pear for use in salads. Here's a delicious recipe of pear and rocket salad that you'd love to try.

rocket pear salad
Rocket Pear Salad

2. Pear Ice-Cream

You can enjoy the seasonal goodie in the form of delicious desserts like layered fruit cream or even fresh fruit ice-cream. Blend pear puree with fresh whipped cream and then freeze it to make delicious pear ice-cream. You can also turn your pears into sorbets by cooking the pears until soft and then flavouring it with lemon, mint leaves etc and finally freezing it. Here's the full recipe of pear sorbet for you to enjoy.

3. Pear Topping For Porridge

You can use chopped or cubed pears as toppings for your bowl of fruit yogurt (or curd) or add raw or caramelised or poached pears to your breakfast cereal bowl. You can caramelise the pears in butter and brown sugar and then add those to your oats porridge bowl to add a touch of gourmet cooking to your breakfast.

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4. Pear Cocktails And Mocktails

Finally, you can obviously use the fruit like all the other fruits - juice it. You can add sweet pear juice to your refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails and enjoy the season's best flavour in your drinks.

Pears can quickly be turned into ingredients for a fancy meal. So go ahead and experiment as much as you want with the fruit!


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