This Plate Of Chhola Kulcha Comes With 'Capsules' And 'Heere Moti', Nothing Illegal About It

   |  Updated: April 13, 2018 17:24 IST

This Plate Of Chhola Kulcha Comes With 'Capsules' And 'Heere Moti', Nothing Illegal About It
  • This chhola kulcha stall is quite different from the others
  • Head to this place for super-spicy chhola kulchas
  • The owner's witty style of selling the dish makes it famous and unique
Move over the regular chholakulcha because computerised chholakulcha is here to take the street food game to the next level. Located in East Delhi is a chholakulcha stall, which is unique and quirky in its own way. Why, you ask? The guy who owns this stall offers kulchas that are made right from the computer (read: skillet). Yes, you read that right! Suresh, the proud owner of his little stall has a unique style of selling the ever-so-delicious street food - chholakulcha. What makes him different from the others is his witty style and terminologies he uses to sell the delicious stuff.

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The chholakulchas served here are loved by people across the vicinity. A lot of people come here specially to see his unique style of selling the dish. So, if you happen to come here, you definitely have to be well-versed with his digital terminologies. Fret not, we've got your back.

He has assigned four levels to the chholakulchas based on their spiciness; 0, 60, 90 and 120. 0 means no spice, 60 means mild spice, 90 means high-end spice and 120 is the top limit, which is extremely spicy! If you're a spice junkie, then the 120 level of chholakulchas are sure to be a treat for you. If this was not enough, he terms the whole green chillies as 'capsules,' chopped green chillies as 'heere moti' and lemon juice as 'liquid.' So, if he ends up adding 'capsules' and 'heere moti' in your plate of chhola kulchas, fear not, they're just chillies. Don't believe us? Check out this video!


Apart from this, he has a signature 'Helicopter Shot,' which he does to add the tomatoes in the dish by throwing them up in the air. There, we see you drooling already! The skillet (tawa) on which he toasts the buttered-kulchas is what he terms as computer. The kulchas here are super-soft and complement well with spicy and tangy flavours of chhole.

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The chhola kulcha served here is an absolute must try, plus brownie points to the free entertainment that this guy provides with. So, what are you waiting for? Head to this place right away!

CommentsWhat: Computerised Chhola Kulcha Stall
Where: Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station, East Delhi
When: All Days (1pm - 4pm)
Cost For Two: INR 40
Speciality: 120 Level Chhola Kulcha

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