Baking Powder(बे​किंग पाउडर)

Baking PowderHindi Name: बे​किंग पाउडर

A leavening agent that is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and other acids, used widely in cakes. It increases the volume and lightens the texture of goods baked. A very common ingredient around the kitchen, it is used a raising agent in cakes, breads and biscuits.Since its a combination of an acid and alkaline, recipes with acid making baking powder more effective. Baking powder is always added to dry ingredients for better aeration. Baking powder is also used a substitute for yeast in bread.


Single acting baking powder: Used when the dough/batter is immediately used for baking since the powder reacts with moist/liquid ingredients.

Double acting baking powder: It acts on the ingredient twice, once when moisture is added and the second when it is being cooked due the presence of alum and cream of tartar.

Powder power!

Baking powder is a common cure for insect bites, removal of splinters, sunburn remedy and itchy skin. It also neutralizes ulcer pain.

Did you know?

Baking powder was first commercially only sold in the 19th century.
A common misconception, baking soda can't compensate for baking powder.

Take note: Less baking powder can make the dish heavy while excess may make it collapse. Always add it to room temperature ingredients.

Recipes using Baking Powder

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