Bamboo Shoot(Bans)

Bamboo ShootHindi Name: Bans

Bamboo is an evergreen plant. The edible inner part of the bamboo plant are called the bamboo shoots. The shoots are a conical structure, a yellow cream color that is very tender and faintly sweet. They might have a slight bitter taste but are god to eat once boiled. They lend a crunchy texture with a mild flavor to the dish. Since they have a tough exterior, they need to be peeled before consumption.


Bamboo is a very common ingredient in various Asian dishes and broths. Fermented shoots are often served with rice and potato. Thin slices of bamboo can be boiled with coconut milk infused with spices, it is also served fried with vegetables or pickled. Bamboo sap is used to make drinks like a sweet wine known as ulanzi. Julienne of bamboo fermented are also used as condiments. The hollow stalk is often used to cook.

Nutritional Value

Chronic constipation is treated using bamboo sue to its high fiber content, which also helps keep a check on cholesterol levels. It also assists in controlling blood pressure and regulating the heart functions.

Did you know?

Bamboo, a grass, features on the list of the fastest growing plants on Earth.
65-120 years may pass before a bamboo species flowers, and then it dies.
Bamboo needs to be prepared properly since the shoots contain a toxin that produces lethal cyanide in human gut.

Recipes using Bamboo Shoot

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