Black Cardamom(बड़ी इलाइची)

Black CardamomHindi Name: बड़ी इलाइची

A warming spice, black cardamom is used more commonly in savory dishes. It has a smoky flavor which comes from the method of drying on a flame which also lends it a distinct aroma. This dried fruit is sold both as pods and seeds where the pods carry a higher flavor.

Types of black cardamom

Nepal cardamom
Smaller pods, these are favored in Indian cuisines for their mildly minty aroma and underlying notes of resin and camphor.

Chinese cardamom
Bigger pods, used more in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.


The whole pod and seeds are used as a spice, consumed raw or fried. Due to its heady notes, black cardamom is a constituent of garam masala and used extensively for preparing dal, soups, hearty meats, tandoors and vegetable dishes. It is also found in beverages, sweets like rice pudding, tea and even coffee.

Nutritional Value

Cardamom helps with digestive and respiratory problems. It also consumed as a mouth freshener. Black cardamom has very good anti-inflammatory properties.

Did you know?

Black cardamom is thought to be an aphrodisiac by the Arabs, who also hold cardamom infused coffee in high esteem.
Greeks and Romans used processed Black cardamom as a fragrance.

Recipes using Black Cardamom

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