Black Pepper(काली मिर्च)

Black PepperHindi Name: काली मिर्च

Black pepper is a fruit which is dried for use as a spice. The cooked and dried unripe fruit of the pepper plants, has a spiciness which goes very well with salt. They are small black seeds with a wrinkled skin. Widely used in cuisines all over the world, pepper mills are a common tool used for freshly ground pepper which has a strong flavor. Its powdered form should be stored in a tight container to prevent loss of aroma.


Their powdered form is more often seen in recipes and other masala's but whole peppercorns are also used in biryanis, pulaos, dals etc. They are a very common condiment for sandwiches, soups, stews, sauces, curd, salads and grilled meat. Dried ground pepper is aldo used as a medicine.

Nutritional Value

Oil extracts are used in massages and various treatments. Also used as a digestive stimulant, these peppers can be used to treat respiratory problems such as cold. It also rejuvenates women after deliveries since it increases absorption of vital nutrients.

Did you know?

Black pepper was once precious enough to be a currency.
It is the world's most traded spice.
Aside from black, white, green, orange, red and pink peppers are also ingredients.

Recipes using Black Pepper

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