Breadcrumbs(ब्रेड क्रम्बस)

BreadcrumbsHindi Name: ब्रेड क्रम्बस

Bread that has been dried and ground into a fine powder with or without the crust is called breadcrumbs. It's is made using fresh and stale bread and can include the crust. Grounded, it is a light pink or brown in color. Used mostly to coat foods that are to be deep fried for a crunch, it has a crumbly texture. Fresh crumbs are used more for stuffing than coating foods since they don't provide the same crunch.


These may be used in soup as bigger chunks or finely ground crumbs may be used for coating and frying making the food crispy. Other than as a coating for fried foods like cutlets and as stuffing for various meats, breadcrumbs are also used in au gratin dishes. It refers to a dish which has a browned crust consisting of breadcrumbs, cheese and butter. Panko, or Japanese bread crumbs are a popular ingredient in seafood like crab cakes.

Tip: Make sure bread crumbs are stored in an air tight container and separate from used bread crumbs.

Recipes using Breadcrumbs

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