Cane Sugar(चीनी)

Cane SugarHindi Name: चीनी

Cane sugar is sugar extracted from sugar cane which is a tropical plant with a high content of sugar in it. The cane after undergoing many processes and filtration is finally used as a sweetener in beverages and desserts. Cane accounts for 80% of sugar produced. The rest is extracted from sugar beets. Extracting sugar from the cane has been in practice for over a hundred years from now. Cane sugar has always been a major element in the global market.

To make the sugar cane a condiment accessible to other uses, the cane is refined and crystallized into sugar cubes or crystals. The raw sugar is also delivered for household purposes. It is more expensive than other form of sugar but it is more desirable because of its superior flavor.

Did you know?

1 teaspoon of cane sugar has just 11 calories and no fat.
It is believed that swallowing one teaspoon of sugar can control hiccups!

Recipes using Cane Sugar

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