Caramel A dark brown confectionery item produced using any type of sugar. It is a thick sweet liquid used as a flavoring, filling and topping for various recipes. The sugar and water mixture needs to be heated slowly to a high temperature until it breaks down and has the characteristic color and flavor. It is used for flavoring various desserts, candies or puddings.


1.Caramel Sauce: This type of caramel is made by heating caster sugar and water at a low temperature until the sugar dissolves and the molecules break making it goldenish brown in color.A beige to dark brown colored sticky, sweet, luscious liquid.

2.Caramel Candy: This type of caramel is a mixture of sugar,cream or milk and vanilla flavoring. The candy is soft and dense and is also known as milk or cream caramel.

3.Caramel Coloring: This type of caramel is the product of near total caramelization.It is often used in food coloring and in a very common beverage called coca cola but it has a bitter taste.


It is the main component in making a variety of recipes, namely caramel candy, brittle, nougats, pralines, creme brulee, creme caramel and caramel apples. It is also used as a topping for ice creams, custards and caramel corn, filling for bonbons and flavoring puddings. A concentrated mixture known as caramel coloring is used as food coloring in beverages.

Did you know?

Caramel was created by Americans in the mid 1880's to create soft candies.

Recipes using Caramel

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