Caraway Seeds(शाही जीरा)

Caraway SeedsHindi Name: शाही जीरा

Caraway plant is native to Western Asia, Europe and North Africa. Its fruits are crescent shaped and are about 2 mm long. The fruits have a pungent flavor and are often used as a spice.They are used in many desserts, curries and other food items. The fruit are crescent shaped with five horizontal ridges. Usually used as a whole, it has an anise-like flavor and a very distinct aroma. They are brown in color and have sharp ends. They look similar to cumin but have a different aroma. It taste peppery and earthy. A cumin family spice, thinner, but sharper in flavor.

Usage: They are used as a spice on breads, casseroles, liquors etc. It also adds flavor to cheese and sausages. Caraway fruit oil is used to add fragrance in soaps and lotions. Used mainly in confectionery.

Nutritional Value

It is known to lower the cholesterol level in your body. It is dense with antioxidant compounds and relieves symptoms of bronchitis. It increases our immunity and is served as a tonic for pregnant women. They often help to calm upset stomach and cure colic or flatulence. They promote good kidney function. Oil derived from caraway seeds can remove bad taste.

Recipes using Caraway Seeds

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