Cayenne A hot and pungent spice that's made from a type of chilli pepper - orangey in color. It is used to spice up dishes especially in Korean and Sichuan cuisines. Cayenne is a fruit red in color when ripened in maturity. It is also known as bird pepper or guinea spice. It is may dried and ground or used whole. It is mainly used to make dishes spicy.

Nutritional Value

1.Cayenne pepper is a great source of Vitamin A.
2.It contains capsaicin which increases the blood flow in the body and is helpful against join paints.
3.It helps unclog mucus and is therefore anti cold and flu.
4.It has the ability to reduce migraine by stimulating a pain reaction in other part of the body and gradually reducing pain.
5.It is very good for the digestive system as it increases the flow of enzymes and helps the metabolism process.

Did you know?
As a poultice it is used to treat snake bites.

Recipes using Cayenne

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