ChickpeasHindi Name: छोले

It is a legume that is high in proteins. It is also known as garbanzo bean, chana and chickpeas. India is the leading producer of bengal gram. They are mostly consumed after soaking in water for a few hours.

Types and Usage

Desi chickpeas are smaller and darker, also known as kale chana and are cultivated in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Kabuli Chane are light coloured and larger seeds cultivated in southern Europe, North America, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They can be used in stews, curries or eaten raw in salads. It is used to make a very common Middle Eastern dish called falafel and also to make a dip called hummus. In India it is used to make savory dishes that are eaten as a main course. They are also mixed with taste enhancers and consumed as a light snack.

Nutritional Value

1. They are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, hence very helpful against digestive disorders.
2. They are a good source of protein that act like the building blocks of bones, muscle, cartilage, skin and blood.
3. They are an excellent source of mineral manganese which is important for energy production.
4. It has high iron content and is therefore very good particularly for women.
5. It has a low glycemic index and so digests slowly and helps in weight loss.
6. It contains soluble fibers that help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Did you know?

They were first discovered 7,500 years ago in the Middle East.

Recipes using Chickpeas

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