Hindi Name: चिरौंजी

Charoli or Chironji is an Indian medicinal plant used as a spice and added in desserts. It is also called melon seed and has a taste similar to almonds. The seed is lentil-sized and slightly flattened. Though it can be eaten raw, the edible seed contains light acidic flavour, and is consumed both raw and fried. However, fried seeds are more tasteful. The chironji plant is commonly found in the regions of India, Nepal and Burma. Very commonly Chironji is added in sweet dishes like Kheer, kulfi and rice puddings.

Chironji oil is often treated as a substitute for almond oil during traditional medicinal practices. It is also often used to provide from itching and can also be used as a face cleanser.

Apart from the seed, various other parts of the plant are also very beneficial in several ways. The gum exuded from the bark is employed to cure diarrhoea. The roots and leaves are battered and consumed with buttermilk. Leaves from the plant are also used to treat various skin diseases. Charoli seeds are also used in Ayurveda and unani medicine.

Nutritional Value

1. The seeds help to improve eyesight and provide essential energy to the body.
2. Charoli seeds have a cooling effect removing the heat from the body.

Did you know?

Chironji trees grow more than 50 metres tall.

Recipes using Chironji

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