Clarified Butter(घी)

Clarified ButterHindi Name: घी

Clarified butter is produced by melting butter and allowing milk solid and water to separate from the butter fat. It is called ghee in India and is used extensively as an alternative to butter. Though the preparation of ghee is slightly different in different countries, one could say that clarified butter is in fact ghee.


It is used in cooking traditional Southeast Asian recipes or served along with dishes like seafood. In some places it is also used to preserve foods like shrimp. Clarified butter is used by chefs because it has a high smoke point, i.e. it does not burn fast during frying.

Nutritional value

1. It lacks hydrogenated oils and is therefore a good option for health conscious people.
2. All the milk proteins are removed during the clarifying process; this makes it a very good option for lactose intolerant people.
3. It stimulates the secretion of stomach acids to help with digestion, while other fats like butter and oils, slow down the digestive process and can sit heavy in the stomach.
4. It has a high concentration of butyric acid that contains anti-viral properties and is said to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

Note: People with high cholesterol are advised not to consume ghee. The combination of saturated fat and cholesterol can increase the risk for heart disease.

Recipes using Clarified Butter

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