Condensed Milk(कन्डेन्स्ड मिल्क)

Condensed MilkHindi Name: कन्डेन्स्ड मिल्क

It is a milk product extracted from cow's milk. It is usually sweet and sticky and thick in texture. The process in making condensed milk involves removing the water content from milk and the addition of sugar. It is also called sweetened condensed milk for its sugary flavor. The milk is yellow in colour. The milk is very thick which can be canned for years without the need for being refrigerated.

Condensed milk is commonly added while preparing desserts. Confectioneries such as chocolate rolls, egg less cakes, icing, candies, kheer, laddoos, milk sweets, strawberry smoothie use sweetened condensed milk. Unsweetened milk features as salad dressing and in low calorie recipes such as Thai coconut curry sauce.

Condensed milk shouldn't be confused with evaporated milk, which has the sweet flavor missing. Evaporated milk is also called dehydrated milk. Condensed milk requires less processing efforts since the added sugar prevents bacterial growth.

When blended with an acidic ingredient, condensed milk gets thickened without requiring any heat. This quality makes it best suitable for puddings, pie fillings and refrigerated desserts. This milk is also used in specific chocolate varieties.

Nutritional Value

1. Being a dairy based product, condensed milk provides the body with calcium necessary for bone-building. Also it is good source of Vitamins C and A.

2. The added sugar content contributes to the calorie content in condensed milk. So one must be cautious while consuming the amount of milk as it may add up to the calorie count.

Did you know?

One ounce of condensed milk contains almost 122 calories!

Condensed milk is said to have a stable-shelf life of up to two years.

Key lime pie was inspired by condensed milk.

Recipes using Condensed Milk

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