Coriander Seeds(सूखा धनिया)

Coriander SeedsHindi Name: सूखा धनिया

The dry fruits yielding from the coriander plant are considered as coriander seeds. In the Indian cuisine, the seeds are called Dhaniya and are an essential condiment in the spices. Carrying an aromatic and citrus flavor, the seeds are available both in dried seeds and grounded form. To grounded form loses its aroma quickly. Hence it is advisable to ground the seeds fresh when required. The coriander seeds are yellowish-brown in colour with longitudinal ridges.

For coriander seeds or grounded powder to stay afresh, they have to be stored in an opaque tightly sealed container. Grounded coriander will stay for about six months, while the seeds remain fresh for almost a year. The best way to keep the flavor intact is to dry-fry the seeds.

Pleasant, aromatic and spicy, the seeds are used since ancient times in cooking as well medical practices. These seeds are used in curry powder, curries, sausages, pickles, stews and sauces. Sambhar and Rasam - famous South-Indian dishes are incomplete without their main ingredient, coriander seeds. They are mainly used as a flavoring agent in various cuisines. Coriander seeds are also employed in brewing certain varieties of beer, mainly some Belgian white beers.

The seeds are also known for their high medicinal value. The essential oil extracted from the seeds is used as a herbal remedy and dietary supplement. The oil is also used as a flavoring agent for tobacco, gin and liquor. Drinking water with soaked coriander seeds helps to regulate menstrual flow.

Nutritional value

1. The seeds are a very rich source of various minerals and vitamins.

2. Having coriander seeds regularly reduces blood sugar level.

3. In the traditional medical practices, coriander seeds are treated as a medicine for insomnia.

Coriander seeds are also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Did you know?

Coriander is known as a very ancient herb. It was also mentioned in the Bible and was said to be found in the tomb of pharaohs.

Recipes using Coriander Seeds

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