CornflourHindi Name: कॉर्नफ्लार

Also known as corn starch or cornflour in various countries, it is finely grounded white starch powder extracted from maize kernels. The flour is milled from the kernels, while the starch is obtained from the endosperm of the kernel. The corn flour is pale white in color and is virtually tasteless.

Though the manufacturing process is same, corn flour is called by various names depending on the region. It is called as corn starch in the United States and Canada; Cornflour in United Kingdom, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries. It is also called as Maizena in France, Italy, Switzerland and few countries. The flour blends well with all the food ingredients. It can also be blended with wheat flour to minimize the gluten content for pastries, cakes and other confectionery items.

In the arts of culinary, corn flour is used as a binding agent for puddings and similar recipes. It is commonly used as a thickener for soups, stews, sauces and other dishes. Corn flour is used as breading in the Italian cuisine. One can make a simple pudding with corn starch, milk and sugar.

It is very important to make a paste of corn flour and cold water before added it while cooking heated dishes. This prevents lumping of the flour. One shouldn't freeze a cooked recipe that contains corn starch. The freshness of the dish is compromised by adding corn flour.

Nutritional Value

1. Most of the nutrient content from the maize kernel are lost due to the refining processes of corn flour.
2. Magnesium and iron content in corn flour act as a digestive aid.
3. Corn flour is gluten free product.

Note: For a healthy diet, it is advisable to limit the usage of refined grains and its by-products.

Did you know?

Until 1850s, corn starch was used as starching laundry.
If you sprinkle some cornstarch on a very tight knot it will open really easily.
A scorch mark can be easily removed from your clothes if you cover it with corn starch for some time.

Recipes using Cornflour

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