CucumberHindi Name: खीरा

A long cylindrical green colored vegetable, which used widely in salads. In India it's mixed with yogurt to make raita. The cucumber is originally from India but now grown in other countries too. It is the fourth most widely cultivated vegetable in the world.


Cucumbers are commonly of two types.

The first one is the 'slicing cucumber' which is consumed when its fresh. They are generally longer and smoother with a uniform color.

The other type is the 'pickling cucumber' which are used to make pickles. As compared to slicing cucumber, pickling cucumber is smaller and has a thinner skin. They are not usually waxed. They come in colors varying from creamy yellow to dark green.

There is also a variety called burpless cucumbers which are relatively sweeter and thinner. They are almost seedless with a fragile skin.

Nutritional Value

Cucumbers are 95 percent water and so help in keeping the body hydrated. It is juicy and fresh to taste. It kills the bacteria in our mouth which causes bad breath. It also contains vitamin B. It reduces cholesterol and maintains a healthy blood sugar level in our body. They act as great pick-me-ups and are known to fight off hunger pangs.

Did You Know

The biggest cucumber ever grown weighed around 154 pounds and was 67 inches long.
Cucumber is also used to polish shoes as by rubbing cucumber to your shoes a chemical it contains gives a shine to your shoes.
Cucumbers are known to cure hangovers and headaches! Eat cucumbers before sleeping and wake up refreshed. Cucumbers contains sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes which replenish the nutrients lost by your body. Cucumbers contain the maximum water content among all vegetables.

Recipes using Cucumber

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