Cumin Seeds(जीरा)

Cumin SeedsHindi Name: जीरा

Oblong dark brown seeds with a very distinct flavor, cumin seeds are a very popular spice used for their strong aroma and bitter warm flavor. The most common consumption method is after frying or roasting. Cumin seed powder of roasted seeds is also widely used.


Cumin has a very long list of uses and seasons many a dishes to help bring out their full flavor. Stews, soups, vegetables, rice, temperings and spice mixtures feature cumin seeds. The seed fried in butter brings a whole new flavor to any dish, especially meat like fish and various grills. Couscous, dutch cheeses like Leyden, breads from France and liqueur like Kummel are flavored using cumin seeds. It is prominent in the preparation of buttermilk too.

Health benefits

1. It helps in digestion and is advisable for pregnant women to treat nausea and increase lactation.
2. It stimulates the appetite and aides detoxification of the body. It also increases metabolism and can be used to treat boils.

Did you know?

The second most popular spice in the world, it was once used to pay taxes.
According to myth, happiness is guaranteed when cumin is carried in a wedding.

Recipes using Cumin Seeds

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