Fish Stock(Machchli ka Shorba)

Fish StockHindi Name: Machchli ka Shorba

Flavored strained liquid made from fresh fish parts, water and seasoning is often termed as fish stock. The kind of animal meat used determines the variety of stock. The principal ingredients used while preparing stock are meat, bones, seasonings, herbs and spices.

White fish varieties, cod, flounder or red snapper are commonly used for preparing stock. White fish meat is leaner compared to other varieties, making it the best choice for fish stock. The bones and head are often used, though fins are also added sometimes. Onions, carrots and celery are added as condiments in the stock. Black peppercorns and salt are the popularly added seasonings. For the liquid content, one can either use a combination of dry white wine and white wine vinegar with water or use butter or olive oil instead.


While preparing fish stock, the vegetables are sautéed in butter (or any liquid condiment) along with fish parts. After adding the other ingredients, the mixture is simmered and any foam that is formed on the surface of the liquid is skimmed off. After 45 minutes of simmering, the stock is sieved, usually by cheesecloth. Any remaining solids are separated from the liquid.

Preparation of stock involves traditional cookery method - simmering. By recent interventions, pressure cooker is also employed for preparing the stock. Seasoning and spices added while preparing vary depending on the cuisine. Unlike chicken or beef stock, fish stock needn't be cooked for hours and it is usually homemade.

A clear soup named consommé uses clarified fish stock. Traditional Japanese dish dashi is made using fish and kelp stock where the style of cooking makes a white milky broth with a rich feel. The stock can be used as soup, sauce or chowder or stored under refrigeration for two days. While it is stored in refrigeration, a layer of excess fat is formed on the top layer which needs to be skimmed off while cooking.

Note: Fish stock shouldn't be cooked more than 45 minutes as over-cooking may hamper the flavor.

Nutritional Value

1. Fish stock contains minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.
2. Stock prepared from fish head provide enough iodine and strengthens the thyroid gland.

Did you know?

Fish fumet is simply concentrated fish stock.

Recipes using Fish Stock

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