GarlicHindi Name: लहसुन

A bulb vegetable, with a very strong and pungent taste. The whole bulb is divided into several cloves which are peeled and the flesh is used whole, crushed or as a paste. The cloves of garlic extracted from the bulb are the most commonly consumed part of the garlic. The leaves, stems and flowers are edible and at their best when tender and immature. Garlic skin needs to be peeled off before use as it is not considered palatable.


It is a very common seasoning which finds place in multiple cuisines due to its pungent flavor. The Italians find that it makes a very good pair with bread. Garlic is applied on various breads to create a variety of breads. Garlic breads and brochettes are consumed in large quantities around the world.

Nutritional Value

Garlic and its products aid in reducing cholesterol and thins the blood which helps prevent various heart conditions. It also regulates blood sugar and reduces the risk of stomach and colon cancer. Various digestive and fungal disorders also use garlic as a remedy.

Ginger is also believed to have cancer-fighting properties. Garlic cloves are used medicine for treating infections, digestive disorders and several fungal infections.

Did you know?

Garlic was believed to keep away evil spirits and vampires.
In ancient Greek and Roman weddings, the bride carried a bouquet of garlic and herbs and not flowers.
Garlic is also called "the stinking rose".

Recipes using Garlic

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